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Strategy Execution - Project Management As The Vehicle

The Strategic Project Leader (SPL) is based on project management with a strategic focus and extensive professional project management research backed by over fifteen (15) years of thought leadership.
SPL is all about leveraging project management with a strategic focus in business and beyond. Creating a lifestyle that helps professionals, experts and entrepreneurs achieve consistent results in business, career and life.

The fact is, in today’s world, project management is the vehicle organizations use in achieving their strategies. The question is, how well are you executing on all your projects to get the results you desire? The trick is in the strategies you apply in managing the execution.

Having worked in the field of project and organizational change management for over 15 years, we apply project management principles to aid our clients consistently get the results they crave. Our consultants have taken it further by leveraging this principle in their personal life and the results have been life-changing.

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As we know, not all projects end up delivering the promised value and the post-mortem of these failed projects revealed cost overruns, missed schedules, poor quality deliverables, misaligned strategies and very unhappy stakeholders. So, I decided to do something about it by understanding the strategies needed beyond delivering to the triple constraints (cost, time and quality) - the SPL model was born.

The SPL model takes project management to the next level. It combines the strategic, business-related aspects of projects, the operational needs of getting the job done, the adaptability to the context and changes in the environment, and in the areas of leadership as it relates to inspiring and leading the project team. In summary, this model integrates and encapsulates the art and science of project management.

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Strategy Delivery

Get Unstuck & Plan

Get Unstuck and Plan

Learn how to embody the mindset needed to break through the subconscious blocks to success and get your business ideas to the world.

Start To Build & Execute

Start to build & Execute

Understand the detailed process, the “HOW” of managing all your goals, changes and challenges in your business, career and life as a project.

Accelerate & Scale

Accelerate & Scale

Set up seamless processes with the right systems, procedures and tools in your business, career and life leveraging strategic project management.


1. Strategic Mindset.

Embody the  strategic mindset needed to execute your projects


2. Project Management.

Execute your projects right. Utilize the SPL framework for predictable and dependable results.


3. Leader Agility.

Lead effectively,  build teams, and navigate career, business and life challenges constructively.


The SPL framework incorporates a project lifecycle that takes you from envisioning to starting to full actualization of goals in business, career and life.

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